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Apprenticeships in the care sector

A Care UK apprenticeship is a great way start out in the care sector. With over 700 apprentices currently training with us, we’re fully committed to the national apprenticeship scheme. As an apprentice, you’ll earn as you learn. We’ll provide quality training and mentoring to help you gain your diploma. And we’ll help you progress further in your career.

Our Apprenticeship programmes

  • Health & Social Care (from level 2 to 5)*    
  • Health (Level 2 to 5)**
  • Hospitality (professional cookery and housekeeping)
  • Customer Service
  • Business Administration
  • Maintenance
  • Management

* Scotland the equivalent qualification would be the SVQ 2 and 3 Social Services and Healthcare and SVQ 4 Social Services and Healthcare

** For Scotland the equivalent qualification would be the SVQ 2, 3 and4 Social Services and Healthcare

Career changers welcome

We welcome people looking to start a new career. Qualifications and experience are good, but what’s really important is a caring, can-do attitude. You can choose to start out on our apprenticeship scheme. Or you can go straight into your chosen role. Either way, you’ll get great training and become part of a supportive, friendly team. And you’ll have opportunities to grow in your role and progress to senior positions.

Returning to work?

Looking to return to work after a break? Perhaps you’ve brought up a family and want a role that still offers flexibility and a good work-life balance. Many of our care team members fall into this category. We really value their life experience – as the skills they’ve gained outside work are just as relevant in our care homes. In return, we offer flexible hours, good pay and a close-knit, friendly environment.

The Care UK Learning Academy

We run our in-house training, including apprenticeships, through our dedicated Learning Academy. It offers innovative learning and development to help you reach your full potential.

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